Clariss Theme


Clariss is a highly customizable theme that puts your brand in the spotlight and delivers a superior user experience. With its optimized layout and extensive customization options, you can create a unique website without any coding. Showcase banners, link to blog posts, and offer seamless navigation to enhance engagement. Choose from four styles that can be personalized for any industry, making Clariss the perfect choice to elevate your brand online.

How to launch Page Builder?

To customize the Clariss theme follow these steps to launch page builder:

  1. Access your Bigcommerce store admin panel.

  2. Navigate to the Storefront > Themes tab.

  3. Locate Halo One theme & click the Customize button, which will launch the Page Builder.

You can also refer to this Bigcommerce article.

Selecting a theme style?

The Clariss theme provides 4 unique style options: Fashion, Home, Electronics, and Health. Each style showcases its own theme colors and specific a demo content preview, allowing users to visualize the appearance of their website with the selected style.


(Demo site)


(Demo site)


(Demo site)


(Demo site)

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