Horizontal Banners size: 600 x 750 or 4:5 aspect ratio

Vertical Banners size: 700 x 300 or 16:7 aspect ratio

How to enable banner?

To enable first navigate to your Page Builder (how to launch Page Builder?)

When inside the page builder, locate and click on the Banner tab. Find the dropdown settings titled Count and select the amount of total number of banners to show.

To disable select the none option.

How to Enable & Change mini text?

Look for the Mini text section within the settings and find the option labeled Enable. To enable the section, select the checkbox labeled Enable.

To disable this section, leave the checkbox unchecked.

Once the mini text feature is enabled, you will notice additional text fields appearing above each main text field. Locate the setting labeled Text and input your desired content in the respective textfield.

How to change main text?

Locate the setting labeled Title and input your desired content in the respective textfield.

How to add image?

To assign an image, the first step is to upload the image to the image manager in the admin panel. (How to upload using image manager?)

After uploading the image, select the link labeled View Full Size under desired image. Then, in the browser address bar, copy the image name located between "/uploaded_images/" and the "?" symbol.

Ex: /product_images/uploaded_images/banner_image1.png?t=1606861987&

Once copied go back to the theme editor and paste in the textfield labeled image and save.

To assign a banner link, locate the textfield labeled Link and insert text.

Please note that when assigning a banner link, it is important to keep it within 64 characters in the textfield. Exceeding this limit may result in errors when saving changes.

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