Announcement Bar

The Announcement bar is a valuable feature that allows you to showcase important messages and updates for your store. It is strategically positioned above the header section, ensuring its visibility to all visitors.

This feature offers a versatile display of information through three distinct columns. The first column showcases store information, the second column presents an announcement message, and the third column provides a customizable call-to-action button. Each column can be styled to seamlessly integrate with the theme, allowing for a cohesive and visually appealing presentation.

How to enable?

First navigate to your Page Builder (how to launch Page Builder?)

Open the interface and navigate to the Announcement Bar tab. Search for the Enable title and select the checkbox to display. To disable this section, leave the Enable checkbox unselected.

Enable/Editing announcement message

The announcement message is located in the second column of this section. Locate the Title textfield within the Announcement settings and enter the desired message. If the textfield is left blank, the announcement message (second column) will be disabled.

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