Action Button

How to enable/edit?

First navigate to your Page Builder (how to launch Page Builder?)

To configure the button action, open the interface and navigate to the Announcement Bar tab. Within the Action Button settings, you will find three textfields: Title, Link, and Font. Enter your desired text in the Title textfield to customize the call to action button in the third column.

Leaving the textfield blank will disable the button, allowing you to control its visibility.

To assign a banner link, locate the textfield labeled Link and insert text.

Please note that when assigning a action button link, it is important to keep it within 64 characters in the textfield. Exceeding this limit may result in errors when saving changes.

Google Font

Visit to view available fonts.

When formatting fonts, follow this (example: Google_Audiowide_400).

  1. Begin with "Google."

  2. Use the "_" symbol to separate components.

  3. Next, specify the font name, such as "Audiowide."

  4. Again, use the "_" symbol to separate components.

  5. Finally, indicate the font thickness, which ranges from 100 to 900 (refer to Google for available options).

If the font name consists of multiple words, separate them using the "+" symbol. For instance, "Roboto Condensed" would be written as "Roboto+Condensed".

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