Store Info

Store info is an essential component of your website, providing convenient access to your store's contact information. By prominently displaying your contact number and email address, customers can easily reach out to inquire about products, seek assistance, or place orders. This feature enhances the user experience by fostering seamless communication and building trust with your audience.

How to enable/edit?

First navigate to your Page Builder (how to launch Page Builder?)

To configure the contact information for your store, open the interface and navigate to the Announcement Bar tab. Look for the Store Info settings, where you will find four textfields. Two textfields are dedicated to entering the phone number, while the other two are provided for inputting the email address.

To disable either settings, leave the phone number or email address textfield empty.


Phone number title - Custom link title

Phone number - Number to which you can be contacted (ex: 800-999-9999)


Email address title - Custom link title

Email address - Email to be contacted (ex: [email protected])

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