Category Products

This section is dedicated to showcasing a particular product category and presenting the products within that category. It enables users to conveniently browse through the featured products directly from the homepage.

How to enable Category Product section?

To enable first navigate to your Page Builder (how to launch Page Builder?)

When working within the Page Builder, locate and select the Category Products tab. Look for the textfield labeled Category and enter the ID of the desired category you want to display.

To disable this section, leave the category textfield empty.

How to find category ID?

To locate your category ID, follow these steps:

  1. Access your Bigcommerce web store admin panel.

  2. Navigate to the Products menu and select Product Categories.

  3. Select the name of a parent category or subcategory.

  4. Once the category page loads, examine the URL to find the category ID number.

How to change Category title?

In this section, e-commerce merchants have the ability to customize the title text according to their preferences. To set the desired title, enter the appropriate value into the Header settings textfield.

To disable this settings, leave the textfield blank.

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