Multi Column

The Multi Column section offers various customizable options, including enabling or disabling dividers and icons, adjusting text and background colors, and more. You have the flexibility to create up to four different columns, each labeled as Column 1-4.

How to enable?

To enable first navigate to your Page Builder (how to launch Page Builder?)

To access the Multi Column tab within the page builder, locate and click on it. To display the multi-column section, select the Enable checkbox. Otherwise, deselect the checkbox to hide.

How to change the number of column?

To modify the number of columns, find the setting labeled Count and choose the desired amount from the dropdown menu.

How to change icons?

This section offers a wide selection of over 7000+ icons. To modify the icons in each column, locate the setting labeled Icon for each respective column.

Explore the available (icon list).

Click on the provided link for the icon list and search for the desired icon. Once found, click on the icon to view a page similar to the displayed image.

In this example, the Archive Icon has been selected.

Copy and paste the text between class=”copy this text

Return to the Multi Column section in the Theme Editor and paste the desired icons into the corresponding Icon sections.

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